Mehr Historical Hotel

The Mehr historical hotel is housed in an elegant house reputed as Zargar-e Yazdi. Once a home of a wealthy gold merchant, it dates back to the Qajar era.

This gorgeous building is the first and the only hotel to win the honorary award from UNESCO in Iran.

This elegant building which is the first big traditional hotel in Yazd boasts 2 yards, one: the main yard and the other an orangery, a picturesque wind catcher, a spacious hall, a charming basement, spectacular rooftop view, and a fantastic vestibule.

This magnificent building was registered as Iran`s historical heritage. The Mehr hotel features 23 rooms and 60 beds to accommodate the travelers. The impressive yard serves as the traditional restaurant, offering a variety of Iranian and non-Iranian dishes and beverages; this splendid building also has capacity to hold the wedding ceremonies, birthday parties as well as seminars.


Nestled in vicinity of the Amir Chaqmaq Square, Qiam Street, the gorgeous hotel is within the walking distance of the Zargarha Bazaar, the Khan Bazaar, the Panje Ali Bazaar, and the Shahzade Fazel Bazaar.


The full services, hair dryers, sauna and Jacuzzi, a fridge and a mini bar, a TV set, air-condition and central-heating system (both remotely controlled), wireless internet, central coffee net, access to the satellite channel, on-call doctors, health insurance service for the tourists, exhibition of terme and handicrafts, a safety-deposit box, advance booking of train and plane tickets, horse and camel-riding, table tennis table, the historical table to play chess on, arranging tours of Yazd and tours of Kavir, visiting the wild life under the guidance of a local guide, and coach-riding services for the guests in the historical context